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The Team

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Stephan Wippermann

10 years’ experience working in the IT of financial markets, specialized in OTC platforms and central bank infrastructure.

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Nicolas Leriche
Product Manager

Over 15 years of experience working in Finance & Technology delivering complex and strategic projects in international contexts…

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Mathieu Alpigiano

Passionate about new technologies, with a strong background in finance and capital markets, I thrive on new challenges !

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Kevin Wippermann

More than 15 years of experience in Finance and IT. Passionate about the innovations crowd funded initiatives are bringing to the world!

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Julien Bourdette

12 years of experience in IT  & Finance, designing distributed architectures and developping leading edge trading systems. C#, Solidity, …

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Vincent Rémon

Developer since the age of 10, passionate about science, algorithmic and encryption.


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Deborah Burkart

Lawyer with close to 20 years of relevant experience in the financial, software and engineering industry.

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Igal Madar
Trading lab

More than 15 years experience in innovation, algo trading, asset management and IT developments.

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Razvan Dordea
Digital intrapreneur

Digital enthusiast with a strong passion for combining digital & financial solutions to simplify people’s daily life.

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Anne-Gaëlle Coutris
Transformation MGT

13 years of experience in Finance and Risk. Passionate about managerial innovation & human-centric organization.

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Romain Tchertchian

Seasoned executive with experience in conducting operations and driving strategic development project.

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Kim Walker
Digital media

Digital media specialist and writer, writing both short and long-form content. White paper writer for Tech Start Ups.