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Beyond Life Insurance & Savings

The WLTH (wealth) Coin is the first digital currency that flows directly to your descendants.

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Why a WLTH Currency ?


Leveraging on latest Blockchain & Smart Contracts technologies, our ambition is to digitize Life Insurance and Inheritance to make it accessible to everyone, everywhere in the simplest way.

The WLTH Coin is the fundation stone allowing direct, safe and immediate transfer of your funds to your beneficiaries.  

With the WLTH coin, your money will never sit in an account, unclaimed.


Transmission fully secured through state-of-the-art blockchain technology.

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Remove middlemen that add no value and eliminate almost all fees.

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Protect your loved one's future by activating a WLTH Policy in a matter of minutes.

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No borders : transfer your funds anonymously all around the world.

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Simple yet Powerful

The WLTH Coin is kind of magic, every coin you hold can change ownership based on a few rules that you define directly in the built-in policy.


Used as transmission vehicle in your wallet, you will also transfer any crypto/fiat currency funds to your beneficiaries.


You can choose a date in the future and add any people you trust in the policy so that your funds will be safely released for next generations.


The WLTH Coin is open, you can pass on your own wealth or any insurance proceeds and trustees can be any relatives or third parties such as public notaries, insurance companies or bankers and validation rules are extensively configurable.


The WLTH Coin supply is fixed so that its value can’t be affected by any inflation mechanism.

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Setup a WLTH Policy in a matter of minutes

Should anything happen to the policy holder

Trustees or a simple date validate the event

Beneficiaries can then retrieve the funds

For Individuals

You want to invest part of your capital in the digital market and benefit from the overall blockchain adoption.

BUT you don’t want to jeopardize your savings with assets you can’t pass on or that can crash 25% just after hitting record highs.


The WLTH Coin is the perfect pick :

  • Designed for long term holding, the WLTH Coin should attract less short term speculators and price fluctuations should stay contained

  • Open to third parties, the WLTH Coin will be integrated in the WLTH Wallet so that you can benefit from its Smart Contract and pass on ALL other cryptocurrencies

  • Within the WLTH Wallet, building efficient and diversified portfolios will be done in one click thanks to three optimal baskets of assets : Conservative, Moderate and Aggressive that will be managed as funds

For Businesses

The WLTH Coin is a fundation stone in the digitization of Life Insurance and Inheritance industries.

For now, those remains manually intensive, inefficient processes, subject to fraud, resulting in experienced claim analysts being buried in paperwork.

  • Up to 6 months are necessary to deal with payouts

  • Several Billions of $ of payouts remain unclaimed as beneficiaries are not aware of existing policies.

The WLTH Smart Contract lets customer-centricity take center stage :

The policy holder has total control over his contract and can adjust it at any time. Reducing third parties interventions, our technology has the potential to radically minimize transmission time and fees and improve the beneficiary experience by minimizing manual touchpoints.


Cryptocurrencies market capitalization


Life Insurance Total Gross Premium (Source OECD 2015)

The Tech Behind

The WLTH Coin is a crypto currency based on Ethereum, the state-of-the-art decentralized platform running smart contracts. Ethereum is robust, secure, transparent and provides a strong framework that eliminates third party interference and risk.


Smooth integration with existing systems.

Open to banks & insurers implementation.


ERC20 standard allowing full compatibilty with Ethereum wallets and easy exchanges.


Application runs exactly as programmed without any human interaction.


No central servers can be switched off and data cannot be compromised.

The Team

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Stephan Wippermann

10 years’ experience working in the IT of financial markets, specialized in OTC platforms and central bank infrastructure.

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Nicolas Leriche
Product Manager

Over 15 years of experience working in Finance & Technology delivering complex and strategic projects in international contexts…

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Mathieu Alpigiano

Passionate about new technologies, with a strong background in finance and capital markets, I thrive on new challenges !

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Kevin Wippermann

More than 15 years of experience in Finance and IT. Passionate about the innovations crowd funded initiatives are bringing to the world!

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Julien Bourdette

12 years of experience in IT  & Finance, designing distributed architectures and developping leading edge trading systems. C#, Solidity, …

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Vincent Rémon

Developer since the age of 10, passionate about science, algorithmic and encryption.


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Deborah Burkart

Lawyer with close to 20 years of relevant experience in the financial, software and engineering industry.

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Igal Madar
Trading lab

More than 15 years experience in innovation, algo trading, asset management and IT developments.

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Razvan Dordea
Digital intrapreneur

Digital enthusiast with a strong passion for combining digital & financial solutions to simplify people’s daily life.

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Anne-Gaëlle Coutris
Transformation MGT

13 years of experience in Finance and Risk. Passionate about managerial innovation & human-centric organization.

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Romain Tchertchian

Seasoned executive with experience in conducting operations and driving strategic development project.

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Kim Walker
Digital media

Digital media specialist and writer, writing both short and long-form content. White paper writer for Tech Start Ups.